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don’t overpay for traffic safety supplies

If you discover a lower price on an identical item from local retail competitors, we will match it. Thanks to 95 Traffic Safety Supply’s price match guarantee, you lock in the most affordable pricing in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. for quality traffic safety and construction supplies.

we care about your budget

Meet your project’s budget requirements and get traffic safety supplies at the best prices. Purchase with confidence knowing that each order will be delivered accurately, on-time, and in budget with a price match guarantee at the time of sale.


Here’s How Price Match Works

Evidence of advertised price must be provided or easily available

Matching must be for identical brand, make and model, specification, condition and color

Competitor products for price matching must be in stock and available for sale

Price match 5-day guarantee is valid from the date of sale

Price Match Does Not Include

Prices available at online only retailers, auction sites, classifieds, community marketplaces, outlet shop, pre-order offers, liquidation offers, trade-in offers, and special daily or hourly sales

Special orders and financed orders

Prices offered by importers or overseas retailers in currency other than US dollars, that is, where the product will require delivery

“Oops prices” where we - or competitors - have advertised the wrong price by mistake

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