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online & mobile ordering (coming soon)

We’re busy building our online and mobile supply management tools to make your traffic safety
supplies fast and convenient. In the meantime, our experts are standing by to help you personally with every detail of your order.


You need your products to arrive at the job site fast. At 95 Traffic Safety Supply, we get every local order delivered within 24 hours, and phone orders are ready for pick up within just 1 hour.

If you’re located in Greater DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Delaware, 95 Traffic Safety Supply can deliver products straight to your location. Simply order online and you never have to leave the job site.

Receive Top Safety Products Fast

All orders are processed quickly, so you can get your team all the supply resources they need to complete the job. From Hi-Vis clothing to hand tools, you’ll get every necessary accessory sent over fast and accurately.

Grab a Coffee at Pickup

Enjoy our on-site cafe when you stop in for essential items or are picking up online / phone orders. Grab some hot coffee while we put the finishing touches on your order and have you on your way fast.

Top Safety Solutions at the Best Prices

Get the best quality safety gear at the most reasonable prices. Protect your crews with the right equipment for every project.

Speak With Our Knowledgeable Team

Each of our supplies fully complies with and adheres to specific industry and local safety standards. Plus, if you have any questions regarding safety equipment or product recommendations, our team of knowledgeable experts is standing by to assist you.

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